Loma Life Yoga for Autism and Special Needs Mindful Movements Fargo, ND

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Loma Life will be offering classes at various studios in the FM area.


MINDFulness for chronic pain and sTRONG EMOTIONS

This 5 week series is designed to teach you just what mindfulness is and how it supports our well-being. Developing a mindfulness practice teaches you to get in touch with the 'mindful brain' to stimulate body regulation, self-awareness, emotional regulation, and fear modulation (our ability to calm and soothe, or even unlearn our fears).

Mindfulness practices can be applied to any experience: sensations in the body, emotional experience, thoughts, sights or sounds. It's a way of understanding the causes of happiness and causes of the stress and dissatisfaction we feel. As we learn to pay attention attention to experiences, we begin to find ways of living that really work.

When:  To be announced


Cost is $120



This is an 8 week introductory workshop for a parent/child or caregiver/child team to learn how to connect with the body and mind through a combination of mindfulness, breathing, and yoga.  Learning tools to help calm and quiet the mind, also help to release tension and stress in the body.  NO experience necessary!  Please bring your own yoga mat, as having a mat at home will also encourage a self-practice.  These classes are geared towards children with anxiety, ADHD, and high functioning ASD, but anyone is welcome. 

We will work on:

- what it means to be mindful

- how important it is to have good posture

- learning to connect with our breath

- how we can control our thoughts and deal with overwhelming feelings or emotions

- learning to recognize what it feels like to be in a tense or relaxed body

When:  To be announced


Cost:  $150


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 Seesaw is a partner pose that encourages social interaction and trust.

Seesaw is a partner pose that encourages social interaction and trust.